Sell our goods in your shop

We love working with local businesses! That’s why we get excited by the prospect of serving up our products in cafes and restaurants around Metro Manila.

Why consign with us?

Our baked goods are 100% homemade

We’re a small family-owned bake shop and we make all of our baked goods ourselves. This helps us strictly control the quality we produce and keep our costs down.

We offer a trial period

You don’t need to enter a long-term contract with us right away, we can work out a trial period with you. If you decide to cancel the consignment after the trial, no dramas!

We’re flexible!

We’re more than happy to have a chat with you about your specific requirements so we can reach an agreeable price point.

Just get in touch with us through the form on this page or call/text us on 0906 221 4803.